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  • Pirates Theme

    A new character is coming to Castleville .... Jacques is Sonja's former first mate. And yes, he is a pirate !!!A extraordinaire pirate !!!I He has sailed the seven seas. The only thing that could melt this cold pirate heart was Sonja, the former captain... The Dread Pirate Sonja. Jacques was thinking that Sonja was dead, until he finds her in Land's End, exactly when he was looking for help with the shipwreck and treasures.

  • Brave Theme

    Merida is the character from the upcoming Disney Pixar Movie: Brave and she will give you this Quest Line with 9 missions. A new feature is introduced: the Archery Tournament Game.

  • Dragon Cave Theme

    The Abandoned Dragon Cave, Alastair Quest, brought expansion of our kingdom for the North, and also an exciting adventure entering inside of the mouth of the Dragon Cave that is overflowing with awesome treasures! A table of Treasure Chests is presented and each one contains one of a large variety of mystery rewards.

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